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Out and about  meeting members this week - i came across two very filthy spunk filled members simply dying to be emptied!
Meeting at a dogging spot i soon found myself the centre of attention between to rock hard hot spunk filled dicks!

Started off sucking the one guy off while he was sat in the back seat as my bare cunt was on full show for the other guy to do with what he wanted, i was getting tongue fucked while i got my throat fucked.  Feeling the pure filthy urge to get spitroast fucked we quickly moved outside in the cold open air.  They bent me over and used my filthy fuck slut whore cunt, fucking me one after another.

One pounding my pussy as the other face fucked me, being totally used by these 2 strangers as a filthy slutty dogging fuck toy!!  oh jeez i LOVE it!!! They both spunked their full loads over as well and up my cunt, zipped up and left!!!

Dogging sure is the best ever!!! 
Why dont YOU come dogging with me sometime VERY soon!!


A Real Life Genuine Dogging Cumslut

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