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Rachel's Guide To Dogging!

A Real Life Genuine Dogging Cumslut

Welcome to my very special guide to dogging and the dogging life style!
I'm always asked many times how do you dog, what do you do and where do you go?

So I have taken time to put together a special guide to successful dogging which
I hope will be of some use to all you newbie doggers, from a females point and take of everything!!

I personally have been swinging and dogging for approx 10years now and have loved every single minute of it!!

The thrill of meeting perfect strangers for random mindless acts of sexual pleasure is the best feeling in the world!  there are many dogging websites on the internet where you can find local dogging locations listed.

Getting yourself pleasured in the hands of someone other than your partner and walking away without and strings or emotion, dogging is simply the best!

Rachel xx      Why not come dogging with me!!

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